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Welcome to ETG-Ghana

ETG Ghana are Distributors to the Oil, Gas Petrochemical, Mining and Industrial & Control Industries.

We realize that these are some of the most demanding and dangerous industries in the world and that the cost of unnecessary down time demands that suppliers are able to react and perform to the clients’ needs every time.

ETG Ghana have dedicated staff who are able to source and supply a wide range of products from approved suppliers and arranged locally or on a worldwide scale.

At ETG Ghana, we take Health & Safety very seriously, and we know that you, our valued customers do too. And, so it is with this in mind, we are proud to bring you our own Safety and Industrial Equipment catalogue. Through the experience and expertise of our Ghana Division, we are able to offer a hugely diverse range of products to our clients worldwide.

Working alongside key suppliers and manufacturers, this brochure will show you just a small section of the vast range available.

“Our aim is to bring you top quality products, with service and prices to match. ”


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